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by Virility Ex on January 7, 2011

We get many questions almost on a daily basis where people are asking what the current pricing for Virility Ex is.  So here’s the lay down on the official Virility Ex prices.

One month’s supply of Virility Ex will cost you $50 plus shipping depending on where you live in the world.

Now, there are some pretty cool deals that are currently being promoted *if* you’re willing to get into a *rebill* program.  You can get 6 month supply of Virility Ex for $150, that’s $25 per bottle, a incredibly great deal.

It gets even better.  If you opt for the six months supply, you’ll automatically get 1 bottle each month after the first six months are over sent directly to your door step and you’ll be billed far less than $25.  You’ll be billed at $14.95.  Isn’t that an amazing deal?  The official naming for it is *free refill*.  But it’s not really free.  You’re paying $14.95.  It gets better too.  That $14.95 *includes* shipping.  So if you consider shipping to be $14.95, then you’re getting it for free.  That’s currently the best deal that you can go for.  It’s the cheapest per bottle, and gives you refills at an incredible low rate that’s far below wholesale prices.

Get it here: Virility Ex Free Refill offer.

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